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Jamestown Vs. Massachusetts Bay Colony

You are about to embark on some intense in-class blogging. Good Luck. If at any point during this class period you start to feel dehydrated from blogging, pause for a moment and catch your breathe. For this post, you are going to compare and contrast the Jamestown Colony vs. the New England Colony, which is basically the Massachusettes Bay colony. We discussed Jamestown together via PowerPoint. You had a chance to read about the New England colony. Now you have a chance to look at both and how they compare to one another. There is a specific way in which I want you to do this, so pay close attention to your task below. A few things to keep in mind as you do this: one: these colonies are going on at roughly the same time. Although Jamestown started first, the New England colonies were not far behind. Two: do not type like you are text messaging. Practice good typing skills and good language/grammar skills. You will be heavily docked for writing in "text" lingo. Finally, three: one of the great aspects of blogging is that you get to respond to each other, so do that. Respond with an agree/disagree with each others' comments. Do it RESPECTFULLY, though.

Task: Compare similarities and differences between the Jamestown Colony and the New England Colony by doing the following:

1. State the reasons why people came for both colonies. Why did people go to Jamestown? WHy did the Puritans/Pilgrims leave Europe? Then point out what is similar and what is different.

2. State how each of the colonies got started. Who had an easier time? Why? Point out how the start of each colonies were similar and different.

3. Describe the economy of both colonies. State how they are similar and different and why. Also, discuss the impact each colonies economy had on the colony itself. (Hint: tobacco plantations in Jamestown, smaller farms in New England)

4. Native American interaction occured with both colonies. Describe Native American interaction with each colony and point out similarities and differences. Tell us why you think Native Americans interacted differently with each colony.

5. Which Colony is better? Why? Support your opinion with at least 4 points.

DUE: In Class.
Points: 40

Great Job. You have completed the most intense blogging on The History Book to date. You should be proud of yourself because I am very proud of you.


Lucas S said...

people came for both colonies to be free from te church and practice their own religion.
Tha puritans and the pilgrims from the netherlands but they wanted their children to kepp the english traditions. the fishing and hunting conditions were not good in this area. some colonists traded american indians corn for beaver fur. the economy was bad because the king raised taxes but when they started making the tobacco plantations helped the economy out. the native americans learned how to make corn and they showed the americans where to hunt. the pilgrims are better to me because they didnt bring that much diseases and made peace with the native americans

Lily Swenson said...

The Puritans and Pilgrams came to America for religious reasons. They wanted religious freedom. The people of Jamestown wanted adventure.
The Colonies got stared, basicly wherever they landed. I think the Puritans had an easier time, they didn't have to deal with the starving winters as much, they came better prepaired. There the same because they each wanted freedom from England.
The economys were intresting, because when Jamestown started growing tabaco, there income increased. Opposed to the Pilgrams, who had less of an income & more of a substistance farming culture.
The Native Americans helped Jamestown more than The Pilgrams, it seems to me. But then when Pocahauntes died, they became very angry with Jamestown. No0t that I blame them...But what I think is really strange is how these people comunicated...Think about it, two people from basicly diffrent worlds. I wonder how they comunicated...
I would prefer to live in the Pymoth Colony, because they had a less hard time. They didn't have war with The Native Americans, came more prepaired, choose better land and had less trouble.

JR said...

1. People went to the colineies to have religous freedom, and people thought thay would have great riches and explore the land.
2. they got started when religous leaders asked the king to make a colony in the new world. Jamestown had a harder time than plymoth, plymoth was more prupared than the jamestown colinist.
3. The economy of each of the colonyes was mostly farming tabacoo. with the tabcoo the colonies actual made money and the plantaion grew by a great number.
4.the indians helped the colinist in the work of farming and growing tabcoo. In plymoth the indians had a much better relashonship than in jamestown, they even had a thankgiving feast.
5. I think plymoth is better the colinist were more propared and not as gready with the need to grow tabcoo.

Colin E said...

People wanted to have better and free relgion and be able to worship who they want. The Puritans left Europe because they also wanted free relgion and the economy in Europe wasn't the best and then to top it off, the King raised the taxes and made it harder to live life. They both left Europe because they wanted to have free religion. The different things they did was that the Puritans left Europe because the economy and the taxes were bad.

They Pilgrims and the colonists left Europe and made a settlement where they landed. Jamestown had a harder time because they didn't bring over any farmers. The Massachusetts Bay Colony had it easier because they brought over farmers and could actually farm.

Jamestown didn't have any profit until they were introduced to Tobacco. The Massachusetts Bay Colony sold there crops to the Native Americans for fur and other goods and made profits that way.

I think that the Massachusetts Bay Colony is better because they were smart enough to bring over farmers and they could have food. They also lived in a better spot than Jamestown was becuase they were not around swamps that had malaria and mosquitoes. The farm land around the Massachusetts Bay Colony had better farm land than the Jamestown.

Mark said...

1. Jamestown wanted money and land. The Puritans/Pilgrims wanted to practice there own religions. They both went to America.

2. Jamestown started out poorly. They had little money and workers, and there was much disease. The P/P started out well, with little disease, little resistance, and plenty of workers.

3. Jamestown lived in a marshy area, P/P lived in a drier area. It was colder for P/P because they lived more north. Jamestown was warm and moist. Jamestown needed more workers than P/P.

4. The NAs were a lot nicer to the P/P than Jamestown. They both traded w/ the NAs.

5. I think the New England (P/P) Colony was better. They didn't need as many workers, the NAs were nicer to them, and they had less diseases.

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Alec F. said...

1.People came to both colonies because of religions. The Pilgrims were a group of people that came from England together because of religious freedoms. The Puritans left England ten years after the Pilgrims, so they got advantages. Not nearly as many settlers died, they got more tools, and didn't have to start up the fields for other people.
2. The Jamestown colony had a rocky start. They came with 100 souls on board the Mayflower, and lost about 70 of that 100. But by the times the Puritans came, Jamestown had already talked with the natives, and were getting food, and making tools for the natives. The fields were already ready for the Puritans, and they had better location for a town. To some that all up, the Puritans got it easy for coming later, and the Pilgrims nearly died off from starvation.
3.The economies in Jamestown got much better when they figured out about tobacco. They started planting "cash crops" and would cash in at England. Jamestown would just send the tobacco back to England, and eventually the economy would get better. New England wasn't so good, because they had smaller farms, rather than having plantations. Also, once the Puritans DID get to the New World, Jamestown had neighbors to trade with.
4. The natives interacted well with Jamestown. They traded well, so they left Jamestown alone. Finally, when Puritans arrived, they were able to trade too. They brought foods, and seeds from the Old World, and traded with Jamestown, and the natives there.
5. I think that the Puritan colony had it much easier! They only had to plant the crops they brought, and eat the ones they brought. They didn't hardly lose any lives also. They had medicines, and the Jamestown colony new about most of the problems there.

Jena D. said...

1. The people moved to Jamestowm because they were adventurers and wanted an adventure. The Puritains and Pilgrams came over because basically they wanted religious freedom. What is similar is that they both maybe didn't agree with what goes on in Europe. And the differences are that the people that were coming to Jamestown wanted an adventure and the others wanted religious freedom.

2. Jamestown started off with 105 people and they had a rough start. They started in a marshy place so 70 people got malaria and died. The people got such large plantations that they didn't have people to work them and they turned to indentured servents. The Puritains had a very easy time getting started, they grew good crops and had good education. They are very different because Jamestown started off very bad and the Puritains started off very good. They both had large chunks of land.

3. Jamestown's economy started off kind of bad, but once they discovered tobacco plants they started huge tobacco plantations and their economy grew, becuase tobacco was very valuable in Europe so they made a big profit. The Puritains grew cash crops, they traded, fishing, shipbuilding and they had many skilled craftspeople so they had a good economy. It had a good impact on both colonies because that gave them more money to buy food. Jamestown needed more workers rather than the smaller farms in New England.

4. In Jamestown John Smith makes a deal with the Powhatan and thye agree to bring them food and teach them to grow corn. Squanto helped the Pilgrims by showing them how to farm and plant crops and grow them, it ended with a big feast. They are similar because both Native Americans because they taught them how to grow food, both helping them with food. Jamestown it was a whole group, New England is was like two indians.

5. I think that the Puritains/Pilgrams did better because they have as big of a problem with diseases and they didnt have as big plantation which caused them not to have indentured servents. They started off a lot better and didn't have a starving period. They just started off and did a whole lot better I think and that is why I think they did better.

Taylor M. said...

1)People went to Jamestown because of the respect that they had. The had great leadership and we moving along as a colony. Also because before the Puritans and Pilgrims this was the only colony in this new land.
2) They moved for religous reason and they did not agree with how their religion was being run.The Puritans and the Pilgrims moved the Netherlands first but then they wanted their children to keep the traditions of their home land. So they wanted to move to the new world and start their own traditions and also keep some of their own.

2) Jamestown started off bad. They had trouble with sickness and farming. But once John Smith arrived they began to learn and become more of a progressing colony.
3) The Jamestown had the room for tobacco plantations which progressed their economy. It helped them earn money and start their new life.
New England had there small farms which they would trade with natives and the other colonies.
4) They both traded with the natives. But they traded many diffent things. New England traded food and many other things. Jamestonw traded coper and many other things. The natives helped the colonies get started and progerss through hard times. They native americans interacted with the colonies differently because they had different life styles and beliefs. They wanted to have peace with all the colonies.
5) I think that the New England states started out better because they new what to expect and what they wanted to get done. They had their goals set and wanted to acheive them. But Jamestown did not know what to expect and worked very had to stay alive and did what they could to help their colony. I think that they were equal.

Hannah Murray said...

People came to Jamestown becasue, they wanted adventure. Pilgrims came because they wanted to have a seperate religion from the king.

The pilgrams had a easier time because they got squanto and massosoi (i thnk that is how you spell it) to teach them how to do things like farm/ grow plants.

The economy of the colonies are different. Jamestown got more profit and would need more workers that they dont have. New England does not need as many works cause they dont have as much land, but that means that they can't have as much stuff on there farms.

With Jamestown the natives were like slaves and workers. And with the New England they native americans came and helped them not as slaves but as good people.

I thing that the massachutes bay is better because of the easyness they had and they had help and food and things went better for them.

Morgan F. said...

1.To get away for the Church of England, They wanted to be free from the king and his beliefs. The people wanted to explore and adventure.

2.Jamestown i think had it harder than the puritans, they came with more food and stuff to surive off of so that is why they had an easier time.

3.In Jamestown if your worked harder and got your work done earlier, you got more food and more privlages. I think that tobacco was a good idea for them because it helped them for awhile with getting money for food and other needs it also served as a job for those who needed one.

4.For Jamestown they got equanted with the powhatans from John Rawlf, life was good for jamestown before the chiefs daughter died for their honeymoon, after that war borke out with them.

The Puritans also got help from a guy named squanto, who helped them farm and go on with life in that region.

5. I would have to say the Puritans because they were more prepared, and they didnt have the malira desies going around. They also had more crops planted.

Courtney H said...

1) Both colonies are coming to the New World for religuse reasons. the uritans and pilgrims leaved to start new and forget the kings rules.they also went there to grow things for money
2) both colonies started where they landed and james town had a harder time because of the land and the pilgrims and puritans had an easer time because they picked good land.they where similar because the had to learn to life of of new land and diffrent because the puritans and pilgrims new things that jamestown didnt know
3) the economy in both colonies were similar because they could trade with the natives also they where taught how to grow tabacco and tabacco was very presause to England.New England having smaller farms means they dont need to hire people to work but for jamestown they needed to hire people
4) Native Amaricans interacted similar with the colonies by trading and teaching them use full things the diffrents between them is that Jamestown went to war with the natives and that greated a bad relilationship between them and New England brought copper and things to trade with them so it made them closer then Jamestown
5) i think that New England is better just because i think they are better.

Wesley H said...

They both left to leave the English church. To escape prosecution and to make a profit off of farming. The similarity is that they both left for the same reasons and the difference is that Massachusetts Bay Colony had to obey the English Laws. The Pilgrims had a harder time because there was more disease around them. Jamestown gets more money because they have larger plantations and tobacco is worth more than the puritans crops are worth. The pigrims got help from squanto who helped tought them how to grow crops. The puritans faced little resistance from the indians just like the Jamestown colony did. The Jamestown colony did better I think. They had made more profit. They got many very large plantations. Got many free workers but only for 7 years. They got more help from the indians which helped them survive and the puritans came prepared so if they ran out of the prepared food they wouldn't know how to make their own food.

Tanner L. said...

1. The reason why they came was because they wnted more land. Jamestown was the first town that the english established. The puritans did not like the way they were treated ,and the pigirms wanted new land and more riches. The similarities are that they both wanted to leave and start a new life. The difference was that the puritans left because the way they were traeted and the pilgrams left for there king to find new land.
2. The pigams started out bad but started to get better where as the puritans started out bad and only got worse. So the pigrams had an easier time because they did not get as sick as the puritans. Both started out by making a settlement close the ocean but the pigrams were surrounded by marshes.
3. The pigrams were said to have started the democracy that is today ,but the puritains did not really have a good economy. The pigrams sold tobacco where tehe puritans did really nothing to help them.The pilgrams had a big impact on there colony with the economy being bad but as the time went on the economy got better.
4. The pilgrams traded with the indian where as the puritans did not as much. The pigrams were closer to the indians
5. The pilgrams are the better colony because they were smart enough to trade techniques with the indians to survive. The indians taught them to farm, fish, hunt small animals, and traded with the indians to find out about the land.

Noah Z. said...

1. They came to find the new world that columbus found. They left europe to practice there own religion. The similarity are they lived right off the ocean, they had to farm. The differents's are that the pilgrems came for freedom of religon.

2. The pilgrems came over for the freedom and the Jamestown came over for new land and an aventure. I thought the pilgrims had an easier time because not a lot of them died from famine and malaria.

3. Jamestown had a better ecomoy because they sold tabacco and had bigger farms. The pilgrims had smaller farms and did not sell much.

4. They had good interactions. They traded alot of thing for food. Jamestown had a war with them because pocahantus died in europe.

5. Jamestown because they had a lot of people and more land and was the first coliny in america and the pligirms didnt.

Erik J. said...

1. They both came to here for an adventure, and somethin new. Jamestown was a well run place so people wanted a leader. They both wanted to see a new place in the world. One is a majorly awsomely run colloney and the other isn't as well run but more productive.

2. they both got started with a minor government and small villages. I think the Puritans/ Pilgrims had an easier time because they didnt have to suffer as much with the desieses. They both started with small towns, but Jamestown got a better governament while the Pilgrims went to bigger, better things.

3.Their economy's are OK. one grows tabacco while the other grows crops. Jamestown and tabacco made then wealthy, while Pilgrims got food which made then moderately wealthy.

4. They had normal interactions with the tribes, but one got corn while the other traded valuables. They acted different because one grew food while the other grew weed.

5.Jamestown is better, because of it haveing a better economy. Also they have a well built goverenment. They might have had some difficulties with desies but they conquerd it while the others didnt. Finally they were trading valuables with the tribes.

Desiree R. said...

The reasons for the people going to Jamestown. The people that went to Jamestown were men searching for adventure, and later they went to grow Tobacco plants to make a big profit. The Puritans and Pilgrims went to the new world for religous freedom. They both came to experience europe couldn't offer them.
The Jamestown colony started out in a marshy area, and they were adventures not farmers. They fought off alot of disease. On the other hand the Puritans and Pilgims came to land that was very healthful the farmland wasn't great but the Natives helped them. The Puritans and Pilgrims clearly had the easier time.
Jamestown grew tobbacco, which was very valuable, if you came to Jamestown you got 50 acers of land per person. The Massachusettes colony Grew smaller farms, but they grew food for there own needs, not a profit.
The Jamestown colony did not get along with the Natives, especialy after the death of Pocahontas. The Massachusettes colony had a great relationship with the Natives and the Natives even helped them.
The Masachusettes colony was better, they were heathyer, got along with the Natives, they didn't starve, and they started in a better area of land.

Kevin P. said...

The Jamestown colonie left because they wanted to ecsape persicution, and the pilgrims left because of the English Church. The similarity is that both colonies had reasons to leave England. The difference though is that they had different needs to leave.
I think that the pigrims had a easer time because they could grow more crops. I also think that the Jamestown colonie stugled a little on food because they realy didn't know how to grow crops. but they had better weapons to hunt animals.
The Jamestown economy was better because they had better shelters and a better fence. I also think that the pilgrims had a good econmy because they had enough food for everyone and were good hunters.
Both colonies had a good relationship because they traded goods and taught each other new things that one of them nows and the other one doesn't know. They also were protective when they came over to each others place.
I think the pilgrims are a better colony because they have more food, good clothing, and good shelter/house.

Robert Lee B. said...

1. The JAMESTOWN colonists left Europe because they wanted adventure and to discover new land. Later, the PURITANS and PILGRIMS left because of King Charles and the dropping economy, and the churches and the religions. They are the same in a way that they already wanted to leave. Not much else is the same.
2. Jamestown got started and if it was being graded, it would get a F, if not a D-. Meanwhile, later in time, the Pilgrims and Puritans were off to a normal start (grade B-). The latter of what I said above really got a better time than the Jamestown colony. Why? Because they didn't have to face famine (after a few months), disease, and freezing winters. (Okay, they did have to face the winters, but they weren't as bad.) They both did have some food and were okay when they arrived, but it just got worse for the Jamestownians (excuse that, please).
3. The Jamestown colony didn't have a good economy until a certain person who I will say later came. They didn't have any good things to grow or make. Meanwhile, the same thing happened to the Pilgrims for a short time. More will be explained what happened to them once a certain kind of people interacted with them. Their economies were the same at first. Nothing to grow or make for money. Not much food. Not much difference. But, eventually, JOHN ROHLF arrived! This meant much more food, more colonists, and the introduction of a new plant: TOBACCO. These plants sold for high prices in England. \($_$)/ <--Whoo-hoo! -Homer Simpson- Joking aside, they really did get a lot of cash for the tobacco trade. Later, the Pilgrims/Puritans got help from the (mysterious) ------ --------s (Try guessing that! Okay you probably guessed it already... :() They learned about a certain crop and cherished it.
WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, -Lemony Snicket-
Robert Lee B.

Ryan R. said...

1. People came to james town to try to get rich they also came to be adventurers. they soon learned tobacco sells for high price and started bringing indentured servants to work plus they get an extra 50 acres. The puritans and pillgrims came to have religious freedom. They also came to havethere kids learn there langouge and customs. Also they were persicuted. They also wanted to puify the angelic church.

2. James Town came over to have adventers and they started ten years before the others. James Town also learned that tobacco would make them rich. James Town had a much harder time facing war malaria and drout, plus famine in the winter. The New England colonies moved over and started farming, what the were used to doing.they only farmed enough for then to eat. They came much more prepared than the other colinies.

3. The economy of the Southern colinies was much more about shipping and making money than the north. They ship tobacco for money from there plantations. The North started off slow but found two indistries. Fishing and ship building. they were soon bringing in more money to get more money to by supplies. The North did not need slavery like the South.

4. It started out good for the south but it went bad and they broke into war. The North had great realations with the indians and they always did. I think it had something to do with slavery in the South as were north does not.

5. I think the North is a better colony. They do not believe in slavery and they are smarter about the location. The South cares to much about money for me. they also did not ship a poisonious substance. I also agree more with the laws of the North.

Alex P. said...

1. One of the reasons that the Pilgrims left was they wanted to be rich so what they did was they went to Jamestown. They got 50 acres of land but they could bring a couple more friends and get a lot more acres so that was a good thing. So they grew tabacco and sold it to Europeans because in Europe it was very popular, it was hard for Europeans to get tabacoo.
The Puritans left because in 1600s England's economy suffered. Many people lost there jobs. King Charles 1 made the situation worse by rainsing taxes. At this time the church punished Puritans because they were dissenters, or people who dissagree with official opinions. Next thing you know King Charles refused to allow Puritans to criticize church actions.
The similar things they did where they had very good reasons to leave to Jamestown.
The different thing they did where they both needed to go to Jamestown for something like Pilgrims went to go get rich and Puritans went to Jamestown because there economy suffered and because of church problems.

Jessi E said...

1. I think that people went to Jamestown because they had a great leader that knew what he was doing, and they weren't just there for an adventure. The Pilgrims and the Puritians left Europe so they could practice their religious freely. The Puritains also wanted to start the Anglican Church.
2. I think that the Massachusettes Bay Colony had an easier time getting started becuase they were more prepared and they had a better government.
3. The Massachusettes Bay Colony had a good economy, better than the Jamestown Colony because they had John smith and that was it.
4. In the Massachusettes bay Colony their native american interaction was trading and learning how to plant corn, and in Jamestown they got in a war.

Brionna S. said...

1. The people that decided to go to Jamestown went there because they wanted to gain more land for their country and wealth. The Puritains and Pilgrims later left to the America but for a different reason; to escape religious persicution. Their reasons were different, but similar because it was also making a colony/land for their country.

2. The colonies got started in similar ways by means that they had to create some rules after they ran across some problems. However, the New Enlgand colonies got off to a better start because they had plenty of help from the Native Americans and discovered ways to make profits faster. Unlike Jamestown, they had little to no farmers and couldn't supply themselves with very much food and suffered with a lot of famine.

3. The economy of the colonies were similar in the things that supported it for example, they had farms and both eventually had slaves. The New Enlgand colonies had many more merchants though, and they quickly became rich with all the trades they made; this in return helped the colony become very prosperous. They also had trade with Europe. For the fact that they had many resources to build/make things they had a plethora of choices on what to barter. Jamestown however, had fewer resources and therefore had less options. This effected them for a while until they discovered tobacco and eventually made vast amounts of plantations and needed many many slaves to do the labor for them. As you can see, these colonies had very different economies.

4. The colonies both came across Native Americans and had good relations with them at the beginning. But, the Jamestown had war with the Native Americans after the Chief's daughter died in Europe. The New England colonies had a very good relationship with the Natives and they were actually helped settle by them. I think the Native Americans interacted differently with the different colonies because they never let the Native American's daughter die and they treated them with respect for their help.

5. I think that the New England colony was better because they had a stronger economy, developed a law for education, had a central government, and got off to a better start.

cam m said...

1. becuse they whanted more freedome. becuse they were geting to strongly in power. both wanted freedom. one wanted to staret a new church.

2.massauhusettes bay colony. becuse some of them knew how to farem. they bothe setaled by water. one was nere a abndend inden tripe.

3. they starede out pore

Autumn B. said...

1. People went to Jamestown because John Rolfe introduced tobacco and 50 acres of land was being given to colonists and they recieved an extra 50 acres per person they payed way for. The Puritans left Europe because they wanted to purify the Anglican church; they thought the bishops and priests had too much power over church members. The Pilgims left because they wanted to seprate from the Church of England and they didn't want their children learning about the Dutch culture but wanted them to not forget English traditions. The Pilgrims and Puritans are simalar bacause they both wanted to get away from the Church of England.

2. Jamestown got started when a company of English merchants requested permission from King James I to establish a settlement. The Puritans wanted to start a new Anglican church and the Pilgrims didn't want to be involved with the Anglican religion. The Puritans had an easier time because they lived in an area where fishing was good. They also brought a lot of livestock. The colonies are similar because they all wanted something new. Jamestown is different because they just wanted a town to respect their king. The Puritans wanted to purify the Anglican church. And the Pilgrims wanted to get away from the Church of England.

3. The Puritans and the Pilgrims had a good economy. Merchants, fishers, shipbuilders, and skilled craftspeople recieved good money. Jamestown also had a good economy because they had a longer growing season. The impact Jamestown's colony's economy was bad. They bought slaves to work on their tobacco plantations and recieved more money to buy more slaves with.

Kourtney M. said...

They came from the new world so they can get 50 acres of tabacco, they also paid for other people so they could get Indentured Servants and 50 more acres. They went to Jamestown because, they were adventures not farmers so no crops were grown. Puritans left because the wanted to purify, or reform the Anglican Church. The Pilgrims left because their religion practiced freely, and that their childern were learning Dutch language, and culture. The way Jamestown and New England are the same because they went to the new world to get supplies that Europe couldn't give them.
They came because they didn't have enough food in the other colonies.New England had an easier time, because they had bigger fields and more worker to work in them. They are different because New England had less workers and smaller fields and Jamestown had more workers and bigger fields.
The Jamestown colony didn't get along wit the natives. Natives helped the Massachusetts grow crops and other important things. New Englands had a good economy at this time. Jamestown had big tabacco plantations and not enough people to work in them

Robert Lee B. said...

Hello, Hello, Hello... -Count Olaf-
4. Native Americans, (that's what ------ --------s stood for :|) were not too friendly with Jamestown. At first, they somewhat ignored each other. Then the Native Americans got a little angry when the Jamestowians (hey, I'm tired of saying Jamestown colonist... d'oh! -Homer Simpson- okay I'll stop) tried to take their land. Badabing badaboom you've got a fight. But then blah blah blah (sorry about that, but if you really wanted to what mostly happened, watch Pochahontis (geez I can't spell D: )) So that's that. Now, in Massachusetes (methinks), the Natives and the Pilgrims got along juuuust fine. No real fighting. Just trading for how to learn to make corn and large feasts. I think the natives interacted differently because of what kind of natives (which tribe) and the colonies and how they acted towards the NAs.
5. I think the Pilgrims were much better off than the Jamestownies were. Why?
*1. They were friendlier and were kind with the natives
*2. They had a better enviroment
*3. They were more prepared for the journey
*4. They already somewhat knew how to be farmers
*5. They weren't fat pigs that made others do the work
Once again,
WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, -Lemony Snicket-
Robert Lee B.

cam c said... hade more food then the other becuse one of the colones had farmers. james towen needed a way to get rich. so some one came and sowed them that tabaco plants is very valubal in englend. so they grew it ot mack mony. englend grew just enough food for there selves.

4. the native people worked with bouth colenys to help them grow food for some thing they wanted. one coloney traded coper and the other treded some thing eles. they ackted different to each colones becuse the both had some thing differont that the natives wanted.
5. englend was beader becuse they came more prepared. they did some tradeing, had farmers, probley didnt have slavery untill after james towne.

Alex P. said...

2. Jamestown probably had a harder job then the Puritans. Jamestown didn't bring food and supplyies for them to survive. Jamestown had to deal with farming and the sickness. Puritans brang food and supplyies for them to survive. So thats why the Puritans had a and easier time.
3. Jamestown traded fur for corn and other things like tabacco. So Jamestown was poor and they need money. So they sold tabacco to Europe because it was hard for Europeans to find tabacco and it was pretty famous. So thats how they made money. The differences where they both stuggled. They worked really really hard for there community to get stronger and stronger.